Dear Alumni,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the "Alumni Affairs" section of our website, where you will feel right at home. This section will keep you up to date with alumni events conducted by the University.
My firm believes that alumni are the backbone and flag bearer of any institution and in this respect DTU erstwhile Delhi College of Engineering has produced innumerable stalwart and illustrious alumni who have played a significant role in the betterment of society across the globe. Many of you hold the key positions of major influence in the society; I would like to appreciate your efforts being done for the development of our society and justifying the time spent by you at this esteemed institution. I am tremendously proud of what all you have been accomplishing for yourself and for your organization. We are really proud of how you and the Institute have grown in all these years. Today your success has played an integral role in raising DP-DCE-DTU's reputation to where it is now and crossing all the geographical boundaries. This platform will also try to bridge the gap between the student community and the alumni community. I hope this platform will bring fruitful results for both the Alma mater and the Alumni Community.
We look forward to your continued success and support to alma mater.

Prof. Pravir Kumar
Dean, Alumni Affairs
Delhi Technological University

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